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Gruppo Fabbrocino

We work hard every day to satisfy customers through constant attention to product quality and taste and the careful selection of the finest ingredients. We are the ideal partner of hotels, B&Bs, cruise ships, bars, beach resorts, restaurants and all types of commercial activity.

Founded in Campania, Italy, in 1962, Gruppo Fabbrocino is a leading proponent of food excellence in the selection, distribution and marketing of traditional and mantecato creamy ice-cream, sfogliatella and pistachio pasticciotto pastries, custard and black cherry jam flavoured Italian croissants and frozen Italian croissants, fruit smoothies, first and second course meals, gluten-free products, and much more.

Refinement, pursuit of excellence, precision and punctuality of service are the qualities that allow us to offer impeccable products in terms of flavours and aromas, and the highest quality standards, all ‘Made in Italy’.



Breakfast Products

Our Mantecato Creamy Ice-Creams